Orange Studios

A professional music recording studio with an amazing vibe and output

Orange Studio is a recording studio with a difference. Our vibe is friendly and fun and our products are professional. We also host concerts and other gigs such as comedy nights. If you want to hire our venue, record your song or album, do a live recording, create an audition tape, get an advert written and recorded, get some programmes printed, a video made, a piece of music written or arranged for a particular set of instruments or voices, call us and let us help you create it. The product will be just right and the journey to get there will be fun, energising and inspirational.

Orange Studios

A professional music recording studio with an amazing vibe and output

Thanks for viewing the profile of Orange Studio. If you want to make something creative like music or sound or a video then you’ve clicked through to the right people.

We’ve been going since 2006 and have kept very busy with clients who regularly tell us that they are thrilled with our work and that they think we give great value for money. We’ve recorded dozens of albums, recorded thousands of songs, made hundreds of videos, made dozens of designs.

Our facility in Ferrymead, Christchurch, has been running since June 2014 and is one of the biggest recording studios in the country, also functioning as an intimate cabaret/chamber performance space and a filming space. In addition to our existing production services, we present regular shows from music to comedy to theatre and our 50-70 capacity space is available for hire for your private and corporate events.

Orange Studio comprises two recording studios – which are made out of two control rooms, three isolation booths (for instruments such as our 9-foot Steinway, drum kits, double bass, vocals etc) and one large live room suitable for choirs, large horn sections, string ensembles, live recorded concerts seating 50 and so on. Additional rooms for amp isolation and instrument isolation are available. All isolated rooms surround the big room and have visual contact with each other isolation room.

Additionally we have a comfortable foyer, a lunch area, and our administrative area. But most importantly, we’ve got staff that will make your recording lots of fun.

New Zealand artists that have previously recorded at Orange Studios are: singer songwriter Jed Parsons, drummer Reuben Bradley, singers Rebecca Nelson, Rutene Spooner, Rachel Hamilton and Amy Straker, Christchurch Pops Choir, the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, Woolston Brass, reggae/dub band Soulsystem and various school bands such as Chisnallwood, Burnside, Christchurch Boys High and St Andrews College.

Orange Studios also do live recordings through their Live @ Orange concerts and kiwi artists that have been recorded live are: Monty Bevins, Amiria Grenell, Ariana Tikao, Nadia Reid, Mark Lockett, Richter City Rebels, Wellington City Shake-Em-On-Downers, Merchants of Flow, Eli Matthewson, Dixon Nacey, Steve Barry, Little Lapin, Apollo Suite, Rob Grover, L’il Chuck, Sparkle Kitty, David Shanhun, French for Rabbits, Emeralds and Greenstone, Frank Burkitt and the NZ Ukulele Development Squad.

So come and chat with our team and see how we can make your creative ideas into reality.  

  • Michael Bell – Director and Producer
  • Kris Finnerty – Studio Manager
  • Charlotte Crone – Concert and live recording coordinator

We have a bunch of amazing engineers too such as Thom O’Connor or Jamie Thomson.

So check us out, pop on our website to check what others have said about us. You won’t regret recording with Orange.